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EasyJTAG Classic Suite 3.4 Released - Z3X Changelog (28/12/18)  


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EasyJTAG Classic Suite 3.4 Released

The Easy-JTAG Team wishes you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to working for you in the years to come. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019.


Added: USB Firehose Operations:

  • 9008: Read Info ( Partitions/Android version)
  • 9008: AutoSelect Loader , based on PK_HASH and HW_ID
  • 9008: Write BIN Dumps
  • 9008: Write XML Dumps
  • 9008: Read BIN Dumps
  • 9008: Read XML Dumps
  • 9008: Clear User Locks ( Unencrypted devices )


Added: USB LAF Operations for LG phones with no loaders available

  • LAF: Detect Device Info ( Partitions/Android version)
  • LAF: Dump EMMC/UFS Partitions


GUI and Core changes:

  • Added: Light UI Changes ( partition manager reside on a main sccreen, allows work with partitions independent from connection mode - LAF Firehose, File IO or eMMC connection.)
  • Added: Full Screen UI mode
  • Added: Added retry reading for internal API for weak ISP eMMC connections.
  • Added: New NAND chips and algos
  • Added: Partition Editor GUI ( Beta )



  • Fix: eMMC: Clear User Locks
  • Fix: Possibility to Create GPP with 0 sizes;
  • Fix: Reading some fields in prop.list
  • Fix: iConfig data processing for some iPhones 6p
  • Fix: Wrong address display in status bar over 4GB
  • Fix: Wrong eMMC name detection for eMMC with duplicate CID names
  • Fix: Wrong eMMC firmware file autodetection
  • Fix: Unicode file names for JTAG Core
  • Fix: Many UI and internal BUGs
  • Fix: Box stuck if eMMC connection is unstable
  • Fix: Support login under VM Environment ( V2 Hardware )


New supported phones by eMMC Connection:

  • 4GOOD LIGHT AT300 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • ASUS ZB501KL (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • BQ AQUARIS X5 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HTC M9 Plus (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HUAWEI G PLAY MINI (CHC-U01) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HUAWEI GR5 (KII-L21) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HUAWEI HONOR 7X (BND-TL10) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HUAWEI MEDIAPAD M3 LITE (BACH-L09) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HUAWEI MEDIAPAD T3 8 (KOBE-L09A) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HUAWEI MEDIAPAD T3 10 LTE (AGS-L09) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HUAWEI NOVA (CAN-L11) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HUAWEI P9 (EVA-L19) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HUAWEI P9 LITE (VNS-L31) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HUAWEI Y6 II (CAM-L21) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • HUAWEI Y7 (TRT-LX1) (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • LENOVO K6 (K33A42) (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • LENOVO P2 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • LG L15GB (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • LG LS751 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • LG SP320 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • LG US601 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • MOTOROLA XT1775 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • MOTOROLA XT1794 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • OPPO 1201 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-A530F (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-C5000 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-E700F (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-G389F (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-J327T (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-J400M (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-J500G (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-J701M (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-J727A (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-J727S (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-J727T (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-T355H (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-N7502 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-P901 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SONY XPERIA R1 Plus G9922 (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 4 Qualcomm (ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • ZTE Z978 (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)



  • ASUS Z300CNL (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)
  • SAMSUNG SM-J701F (Read/Write/Dump/ISP eMMC Pinout)

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