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SigmaKey Changelog (1/11/18)  


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Sigma Software v.2.29.09


MTK Tab:

  1. Released Remove FRP feature for non-secure MTK smartphones.
    How to: select “Smartphones” in the settings of MTK boot
  2. Improved FRP Remove operation for unknown MTK smartphones using own Download agent.
    How to: select “Download Agent” option in the settings of MTK boot. Scatter file is no more needed
    After successful operation, make a post on the official forum and attach the required info to Sigma file. We will immediately add this model/brand to the fast FRP remove operation.

These new features allow to Remove FRP on hundreds of MTK based smartphones of different brands.

Please read instructions on the official web-site.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Download Sigma Software v.2.29.09



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