Quitar FRP LG K10 L...

Quitar FRP LG K10 LTE (K430T) en Android 6.0  


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Acá tenemos el teléfono con FRP, o sea, no nos deja saltarnos la opción de activación Wifi:


  1. Apagamos el teléfono y lo encendemos en modo Download (Vol+ y Conectar Cable USB a la PC)
  2. En Octoplus LG buscamos el modelo adecuado (K430T)
  3. Usamos la opción de Reset FRP
  4. Dejamos que se haga la magia...

Acá les dejo una foto de la caja:


Acá el log:

Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box LG Software version 2.9.5
Checking data...OK
Platform: LG MTK
Selected port: COM46
Selected baudrate: 0
Selected model: K430T
Selected USB connection type
Please, disconnect cable, reconnect battery, connect P999 cable (with 910k resistor)
Reconnect battery, press and hold "Vol+" for 10 seconds and connect Micro USB cable.
Phone found at port COM458
Mode: Emergency
Initializing flash...OK
Model ID: LG-K430T
Platform: mt6753
Android version: 6.0
SW version: LGK430TAT-00-V10a-716-10-FEB-17-2016+0
LAF Version: 1.1
Product ID: CH32S160828001651
IMEI: 925xxxxxxxxxxxx-9
Target operator: GLOBAL
Hardware: rev_10
Battery level: 50%
Reading partitions...OK
Checking security...
Checking security passed!
IMEI: 925xxxxxxxxxxxx-9
Bluetooth address: 2C:59:8A:B9:7E:2D
Wi-Fi MAC address: 2C:59:8A:24:B3:94
Reading partitions...OK
Resetting FRP Lock...OK
Resetting FRP lock successfully completed!
Performed by 2.9.5 Software version.



Y acá el teléfono ya con la opción de saltarnos la activación Wifi ... o sea, sin FRP:


Run Bitch... RUN !!!

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