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Unlock HTC Desire 530 con ChimeraTool  


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Unlock HTC Desire 530 con ChimeraTool

  1. Activar depuracion USB
  2. Conectar el movil y darle en Direct unlock


Chimera Mobile Phone Utility version: 19.44.1748 @ 2018-12-03
Direct unlock started
Downloading recovery image from server.
Please hold on, it can take a while.
Recovery image has been downloaded.
Switching to Fastboot mode
Phone detected
Checking Bootloader state...
Phone detected
Using new method
Rebooting in Bootloader mode
Phone detected
Bootloader is locked
Rebooting in download mode
Phone detected
Bootloader unlock is required, asking server for access
Gathering Bootloader information
Waiting for Bootloader unlock to finish
Fastboot detached.
Phone detected
Installing recovery image
Installing was successful
1.) Por favor, selecciona opción REBOOT A Cargador de arranque desde el modo menú de descarga
2.) Selecciona opción modo de arranque para recuperación desde el menú Cargador de arranque
Waiting for ADB device
Initializing recovery mode
Recovery mode detected, preparing phone, do not touch the phone.
Waiting for the phone...
Calculating simlock
Preparing the phone for the procedure
Rebooting in recovery mode
Cleaning up
Your phone may asks for decryption password after it boots.?Please type a single zero digit, then press the enter button. After that the phone will ask you for Factory Reset. Push Reset button, then phone boots into TWRP recovery. It may ask also for decryption password, but cancel it. It's IMPORTANT to push the Keep Read Only button (if it exists) on TWRP landing screen. Please go to the Wipe Menu in the TWRP recovery and pull the sliding bar to reset.?After that you can boot into system mode and use the phone as usual.??All in all: please factory reset your phone.
Successfully finished
Finished at local time: [12.03.18 12:02:18]
WorkID: 48606715
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